Do you know yourself as well as you think you do?

Do you realize that understanding who you are and how others perceive you can be a performance catalyst for those you lead?

While self-awareness is an essential quality good leaders should possess, all too often, its development is overlooked or not a major focus.

Many careers have been derailed due to a lack of self-awareness. Leaders who have embraced self-awareness know their strengths, weaknesses and areas that need improvement.

Self-aware leaders are able to create relationships built on trust and respect.  They don’t feel the need to pretend to know what they really don’t know.  Such leaders operate in transparency, keep an open mind, and welcome feedback.

They promote inspiration, commitment, and a willingness to embrace change among those they lead.

If your goal is to become a leader whose words and actions don’t contradict, and who desires to positively impact those around you, I extend an invitation for a complimentary session with me.